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April 2023

Evelina Shkraba (Class of 2025, Biology) joins the lab to work on characterization of enzymatic activity of DJ-1 mutants!

Feb 2023

Nelly Dey joins the lab as a research assistant! Nelly obtained her B.Sc. degree from University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, and has a good background in organic synthesis!

August 2022

Azamat Begenov (Class of 2021, Chermistry) and Adilkhan Yeskendir (Class 2021, Chemistry) join the lab! Welcome!

August 2022

Aizat Abdirassil was accepted to Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology Program at Nazarbayev University School of Medicine!! Congratulations, Aizat!! 

July 2022

Mussa Yedigenov was accepted to a graduate program at Max Plank School Matter to Life in Heidelberg, Germany!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Mussa!!

March 2022

Congratulations to Tomiris Mulikova on acceptance to Biochemistry and Biophysics Ph.D. program at University of North Carolina (UNC)!!

Feb 2022

Zhanibek Bekkhozhin has been accepted to Dartmouth College (Ivy League) for Ph.D. program in Chemistry!! Congratulations, Zhanibeeeeeek!!

August 2021. Our paper on novel spectrophotometric assay has been accepted for publication in Analytical Biochemistry

March 3rd, 2021. Mussa Yedigenov (Class 2022, Chemistry) joins the lab. Mussa is interested in asymmetric catalysis and will study applications of glyoxalases in organic synthesis.  

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